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Image is Everything!
To help ensure our potential audiences can instantly recognize a AprilApples production, we’ve created this style guide.

“What do I do?”
First: Use the hashtag #AprilApples in your videos and promotion.

Next: Consider using the Garamond and/or Motter Tektura typeface where it makes sense.
Apple has used a variety of typefaces on their products
, but when it comes to the Apple ][ line of computers, Motter Tektura and Apple Garamond were both used for branding.

Of course, Apple tweaked both versions for their branding use, so you'll have to settle for publically-available versions.
A freeware version of Motter Tektura is available here: Motter Tektura Retro.
If your OS doesn't ship with Garamond, a version of Garamond released under the Open Font License is available here: EB Garamond.
If you use Creative Cloud, you could also install Adobe Garamond.

Finally: Use the official event artwork for promotion: Official PNG (use this version with a stroke if the contrast is needed)
Please be kind and upload a copy to your webhost - this link is not guaranteed to be permanent.

Permission is automatically granted to use AprilApples logos with attribution when promoting AprilApples, as well as in any AprilApples content that you create, including monetized videos.
Contact Justin if you would like to license the AprilApples logo for any item that you will sell, such as a T-shirt or a coffee mug.
Permission is not granted to clone the AprilApples website and/or official event artwork and call it your own.

Provide credit to the official artwork designer in a form compatible with your media (Video Comments, Podcast Notes, etc.) as follows:
#AprilApples Event Logo concept and design by Justin D. Morgan | YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@jdmcs

AprilApples website hosted by Justin D. Morgan as a service to the community, and for the occasional sub and/or coffee.