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What is AprilApples (formerly Appril2)? & Getting Started!
With the success of such events as DOScember, SEPTandy, and MARCHintosh, why shouldn't the Apple I, ][, and /// retrocomputing community have their own month to share their passion for Apple computers and clones?

And that's where you come in...

We're asking that content creators from all communities and platforms - even folks who don't normally produce Apple retrocomputing content - work together to help spread the word about #AprilApples - a month-long event starting on Monday, April 1, 2024.

"Who can participate, and what media / content platforms are welcome?"
Anyone, anywhere! We really need to do our best to cast the net as wide as possible to attract community engagement, so wherever you showcase your content is the perfect platform to get the word out. YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Mastodon / Podcasts / Twitch / Twitter - are all welcome!

"What sort of content are you looking for?"
Since #AprilApples is all about Apple ][ retrocomputing, we'd really like to see content focusing on the Apple ][, ][+, //e, //c, and IIgs hardware as well as clones of these machines.
Don't have one of these machines? No problem, emulation is also fair game!

"So how can I help?"
The easiest way to help is to share your creations with the hashtag #AprilApples.. Then if you're able, commit to producing at least one video / photo diary / podcast episode (or whatever your speciality is) using the event's theme, artwork, and hashtag during the month of April - the earlier in the month the better to make sure we have a strong start.

"May I collaborate with other creators?"
Absolutely... The whole focus of this event is to bring visibility to the Apple ][ retrocomputing community and what better way to do that than to make some new friends and share your passion for the topic with other people just excited as you are!

"Do you have any graphical assets I can use?"
You betcha! They're linked in the style guide.

"Did you swipe the MARCHintosh website to create the AprilApples website?"
They say that immitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

To summarize...

DO - Use the hashtag #AprilApples. Tag social media posts and event content to spread the word.
DO - Use the official event artwork when possible.
DO - Focus on the Apple I, ][, and /// series and their clones. Emulation is OK.
DO - Create Upgrade and Repairs videos / Hardware Hack Blog Posts / Game Reviews / Productivity and General-use Software Reviews - are all welcome!
DO - Use the platforms you already use: YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Podcasts / Twitch - are all welcome!

DON'T - Do direct advertising of one's own products / services. Promote your channel, promote the event, please do not produce commercial content using the event as a springboard.
DON'T - Produce adult or "NSFW" content in connection with the event. Your PG-13 review of a game where you use language you'd hear on broadcast TV is likely fine. To be clear: We absolutely want to encourage everyone from all communities to participate in the event, but we just ask that folks do not produce NSFW content for the event. We're no prudes, but we do want to keep the event open to as wide an audience as possible (with the exception of potentially disenfranchising boudoir photography). Remember: it's about consent. Having some saucy content drop into someone's feed while they're looking for Apple ]['s might be offputting or inappropriate to someone not looking for or unable to consent to viewing that content.
DON'T use event artwork on any domain name that sounds like the official domain name, which is aprilapples.net).
DON'T - Forget to temper your use of Apple intellectual property, and do your best to stay out of trouble with their legal team.

Let's Do This!

Have More Questions?
Reach out to Justin using one of the following methods:

Justin D. Morgan
Email (humans only): jdmcs at those same five letters dot com
Mastodon: @jdmcs@bitbang.social
Twitter: @jdmcs
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